MCV arrives on iPad

Today marks the launch of the new MCV Magazine iPad app, sponsored by Logic 3, which grants free access to an enhanced digital edition every week.

If you’re on this site using your iPad, click here to download the free app right now.

Every Friday MCV is available for free online as a PC/Mac digital edition – and now iPad too. A static PDF version of our weekly trade bible is also available.

One of the key interactive features to the PC/Mac browser version and the iPad app is video, with the June 25th edition specifically featuring trailers for Crackdown (Microsoft), Toy Story 3 (Disney Interactive) and the new 3DS (Nintendo).

The bumper-sized June 11th issue and the June 18th E3 round-up edition are also available in the app too.

And that’s just the beginning. Along with featuring our weekly incisive games industry update, the app will be expanded over the months ahead.

So if you own an iPad click here to download the free app right now.

Click here to see MCV’s digital editions archive.

Other functions of the app include different ways to read the magazine. Want to know more? Here’s a rundown of all the key features…


The MCV app is available now on iTunes, and allows users to download a digital edition of the weekly magazine. Everything from each issue, including authoritative news, features and product coverage, appears just as it does in the print edition.

However, rather than just a copy of the current digital edition available on, this is a new iteration created specically for the iPad. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, where you’ll find the latest editions released every week.

The app is available to readers all over the world.


Upon opening the MCV app, iPad users will be presented with all the issues they have previously downloaded, each of which can be accessed with a tap on the screen.

The magazine can be viewed one page at a time, or two pages at a time by turning the iPad on its side. To browse through the issue, simply swipe across the screen to turn the page, or tap once at the left or right of the screen to get the previous or next page respectively.

Double tapping the screen zooms in closer, with two levels of zoom available to make reading easier. Once zoomed in, the page can be moved around by drawing your finger across the screen.

Users can view a plain text version by tapping an icon on the bottom toolbar. This removes all images and presents all text as one long column of text, which can be scrolled through easily. A tap of a button returns users to the original layout.

Users can also search through text for specific words and terms.


The high definition capabilities of the iPad allows the MCV app to deliver video content to complement the editorial. Whenever you see our special icon or a highlighted area, simply tap it to be taken to the associated content, whether it’s the latest game trailer, a TV spot or a video interview.

Alternatively, an icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen grants access to all of the videos contained in the issue, which can be scrolled through just as albums are on the iPod.

Additionally, any web links or email addresses featured in the editorial are live, allowing iPad users to view a webpage or compose an email by tapping the relevant text.


Peripherals specialist Logic 3 has signed up to sponsor the MCV app throughout June.

Logic 3’s Michael Kirkham says: The iPad certainly innovates and as a company we try to be be innovative as well. It is equally important to both the games and the accessories industries.

The market for the iPad is huge – it’s a new market but it looks like it’s going to be very important too. Over the years we’ve gone from PC to laptop and now to tablet computer, making the iPad an essential home technology gadget.”

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