MCV Awards: See the video here

Keep on moving is the message for the UK games business in 2009, as demonstrated by leading execs in this year’s MCV Awards video skit.

Watch David Yarnton (Nintendo), Michael Rawlinson (ELSPA), John Clark (Sega), Martyn Gibbs (Gamestation) and Murray Pannell (Ubisoft) re-enact the dance moves from a cheesy pop classic. Then watch again.

If your internet connection is up to it, make sure you click the HQ button for the best possible viewing quality.

Viewers should also be able to spot Keely Brenner (Disney Interactive), Sean Brennan (Bethesda), David Miller and Lee Kirton (Atari), Dan Holman and Shaun White (EA), Rob Cooper (Ubisoft), Don McCabe (CHIPS), Rob Saunders (Nintendo) and Jeremy Wigmore (Codemasters).

Plus there is a Guitar Hero v Rock Band face-off featuring various stars from Activision and Electronic Arts. See if you can name them all and watch out for the cameo by Ian Hollamby from GAME.

Oh, and take a bow Keith Ramsdale. You are our favourite.

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