MCV @ GAMESCOM: ‘EA Access is something we have to do when we think about the future,’ says Peter Moore

Peter Mooresays EA Access is just another business model designed to help consumers play more games.

EA unveiled Access last month. The service allows consumers to pay a 4 monthly subscription to access a ‘Vault’ of EA titles.To begin with, that Vault will include FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2, with more added over time.

The service is in beta,but its announcementhas already impactedthe industry. Globalretailer GameStop saw its share price fall upon its announcement (although it has since rallied), while Sony has dismissed the service for not representing ‘good value’.

I can’t speak for Sony,” said COO Moore. This is something companies like ourselves have to do when we think about the future. We are trying to learn lessons from other media industries of how you can give options to people to, quite frankly, experience more games.”

He added: It’s amazing how often you bump into people and you say: ‘Did you play that?’ And they never did. A lot of it is down to time, but a lot of it is also discovery.

I am a Spotify Premium subscriber, and because I pay a fee for ‘all you can eat’, I get to listen to music that
I ordinarily wouldn’t. And it will be the same for games; seeing what your friendsare playing and giving it
a go because you have something like EA Access.

People are overwhelmed with games.

We realise there is so much stuff out there and it is expensive, so if you want them to buy it, you have to let them sample things.

You need somebody or something to guide you through discovering games or music or whatever.”

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