MCV @ GAMESCOM INSIGHT: Pole to Win’s Matthew Finitz on automation in QA

Is automation the solution to all QA challenges? Matthew Finitz, Pole to Win’s director of quality engineering discusses

There’sa buzzword I’ve heard more in the industry lately and it makes me smile and frown at the same time. During my conversations with several QA managers,

I keep hearing ‘test automation’. As I’ve spent most of my career in this area, it’s a joy to see so many teams eager to adopt it. But it’s also disconcerting to see it used in conversation for a problem that’s not clearly understood.


At Pole To Win, we’ve been studying test automation. The era of agile software development has arrived, and with it the challenges associated with controlling quality

in a fast-paced development environment.With games onso many different platforms, demandhas multiplied
beyond what could once be addressed with manual efforts. And as the industry evolves, it’s becoming clear that weneed test automation to handle this. However, many teams don’t understand when to use it or how to avoid the dangers of inefficient investment.

Some claim automation must be the cornerstone ofany agile, cross-platform testing strategy. Only through automating the functional testing can you achieve speed and quality. And I agree. It frees testers from repetitive and timely tasks, allowing them to stay in-touch at the front-line of new feature development.

Pole To Win offers a unique way to increase the frequency and scope of testing through automation. With various tools and a rock-solid team of highly technical automation engineers, we have the horsepower to complete your project with quality you can rely on.

We offer genuine quality engineers – low-level and technical developers whospecialise in building custom automation solutions that deliver where open source solutions can’t.

Let us help you determine which approach worksand which tools are most suitable for your project. Please visit us here.

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