MCV @ GAMESCOM: ‘It’s not over for Xbox in Europe’

Microsofthit Cologne yesterday with an impressive Gamescom showing, insisting that it can fight back in the battle against PlayStation.

The Xbox brand has had a tough 12 months in Europe. In the firm’s traditional stronghold, the UK, PS4has taken a big lead. The machine is still unavailable in numerous European markets, while Microsoft has recently cut staff from its Xbox European team.

Yet in a confident press conference, Xbox showed off a plethora of European- developed titles, ‘console exclusive’ indie games and a series of hardware bundles featuring FIFA, SunsetOverdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

We have a lower entry price point and we thinkwe have the best line-up of exclusive games,” Xbox VP of marketing Mike Nichols told MCV @ Gamescom.

The bundles we have talked about today, we think they give people a really good reason to purchase Xbox One.

We’re making a really good case to customers, and in particular those Xbox 360 customers that have not upgraded yet.

It is super-early when you think about the whole console lifecycle.

We are heading into the second holiday and we think we have a very compelling offer.”

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