MCV posts Grand Theft Auto V screens to try and generate clicks

A car! A plane! An arse! And millions of millions of page views for Rockstar.

Why is Rockstar, MCV was once asked, so secretive about its games? The answer is very, very simple. Because the hungrier that readers – and then by default the media – becomes for information, the more coverage Rockstar gets.

For instance, we don’t really do screenshot stories that often on MCV. And we feel a bit dirty when we do. We’re a serious trade site for serious news and serious people.

But, yeah, it’s Grand Theft Auto V.

So what do we do? Ignore these new pictures? Tell ourselves that, really, a picture of a car, picture of a plane and picture of an arse are not really newsworthy?

Or do we climb atop of our high horse and perhaps ‘do a Guardian’ – that is, report on the phenomena that is the games press reporting on them? We could perhaps track the buzz on social media? Or get an analyst to say something about projected sales numbers? Or ask a developer to speculate about what type of anti-aliasing the game will use and how it triple-buffers its v-sync while upscaling its textures using an Emotion Chip?

No. No, we decided against that. We are just going to be honest with you.

Here are some new Grand Theft Auto V pictures. And a couple of older ones. We’re posting them here not because they are valid industry news but because GTA remains one of the biggest licences on the planet. You’re interested. We’re interested. You will click on this story. Our hit count will climb by one.

Our readers rejoice. Our souls shrivel. And the world carries on.

Here they are:

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