MCV’s 12 Games of Christmas: Destiny

When Bungie decided to give up on its world conquering Halo franchise and build something completely new, we all thought it was mad.

But they were wrong. Teaming up with publishing behemoth Activision, Bungie has just created yet another video game giant in Destiny.

Just a few days after launch, over $500m worth of Destiny stock was sold into stores and by November, the game had 9.5m registered players.

It will come as no surprise to learn that – like Halo – Destiny is a shooter series, and it certainly has a lot in common with Bungie’s original epic.

But what separates Destiny is its online component, where fans from all around the globe play together in a persistent, online world. It is quite possibly the closest we’ll ever get to a successful MMO on a console.

Sony even partnered with Destiny for exclusive PS4 content, and bundled it with a special white version of the PS4.


Formats: PS4/XO/PS3/360

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Activision

Distributor: CentreSoft

Contact: 0121 625 3388

PlayStation 4 Stereo Gaming Headset

This versatile headset is a perfect match for the white PS4 that launched alongside Destiny.

SRP: 24.99

Manufacturer: 4Gamers

Distributor: A4T

Contact: 01204 369 230

GB Eye Posters

Poster firm GB Eye has a number of prints based on art from Activision’s hit sci-fi shooter.

SRP: 3.99

Manufacturer: GB Eye

Distributor: GB Eye

Contact: 0114 292 0082

PS4 Controller Kit

These rubber grips for the controller and thumb sticks enhance PS4 players’ grip and comfort.

SRP: 12.99

Manufacturer: Venom

Distributor: Venom

Contact: 01763 284 181

PS4 Rechargeable Battery Pack

This power pack fits securely to the DualShock 4 and allows 20 hours of gameplay on a full charge.

SRP: 19.99

Manufacturer: Venom

Distributor: Venom

Contact: 01763 284 181

Circle Ruler Blue Heather T-Shirt

Fans can show their love of Destiny with this T-shirt, branded with The Traveller.

SRP: 19.99

Manufacturer: BioWorld

Distributor: GMUK


Heavy Moulded Metal Key Ring

This key ring comes emblazoned with Destiny’s logo.

SRP: 7.99

Manufacturer: BioWorld

Distributor: GMUK


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