MCV’s E3 preview: Pt. 2


Given Sega’s impressive franchise base, we could see any number of retro revivals at E3. With new entries in the series including Golden Axe, Samba De Amigo and Sonic already confirmed, expect more info on those. Sega fans would love more House of the Dead, Streets of Rage and Shenmue – but will any of those be revealed?


Given how vocal key execs David Gardner and Phil Harrison have been about transforming the company, this E3 will be hugely significant for Atari – and could be the launchpad for years of success. Actual software details are thin on the ground at present, but there are plenty of classic franchises to revive – and we can expect plenty of revelations surrounding its new vision of online multiplayer and social gaming.


After MCV’s recent cover story on the firm’s vision for PlayStation Network, Sony’s online division could unveil several surprises – with the long-awaited online action shooter The Agency set to be fully unveiled. And an MMO would fill a major gap in PS3’s portfolio…


The media giant’s merging of its online, mobile and games divisions may have come too close to E3 to have any real effect, but expect much more from Disney’s formidable franchises – alongside some new releases which, like recent hit Turok, will please core gamers.


Pro Evolution Soccer’s 2009 iteration should be out in force at E3, while fans of Solid Snake will be keen to see if MGS 4 really was the final chapter in Hideo Kojima’s epic tale. Rock Revolution will also keep EA and Activision on their toes as it joins the increasingly competitive music genre.


This week’s confirmation that Rock Band 2 will be arriving on Xbox 360 in September means that MTV and Harmonix will have plenty more peripherals and tracks to show off for its flagship franchise.


The US publisher’s GTA-baiting Saint’s Row 2 is sure to be a major presence on its typically colourful stand, as will its new UFC series and, of course, a new WWE title – new details of both should be on display. And expect some new IP too, as THQ has said on record in the past that it won’t rely on licences like Wall E forever.


The Britsoft firm will be flying the flag with Hei$t, its ambitious next-gen crime sim, and Damnation, its frantically-paced new shooter franchise. Codemasters Online’s success with its Lord Of The Rings MMO will surely prompt more expansions, while its increasing focus on breaking the US could also prompt a few new product announcements too.


The publisher may be re-structuring its operations, but it still has reliable IP like Tomb Raider and Hitman to wax lyrical about. Just Cause 2 and Highlander could also raise a few eyebrows.


This is Vegas, The Wheelman and MK Vs DC Universe will please core gamers at this year’s show – and Midway’s increasingly bulky casual games offering will be boosted by new Touchmaster and Game Party titles.


The media giant’s emergence as a big player in the games industry after its acquisition of Traveller’s Tales will continue with LEGO Batman and its Guinness Book of World Records title – and maybe even a new IP from the treasured UK developer.


It’ll be interesting to monitor glances from Take Two’s stand over to its potential acquiror EA – but big money deals aside, the publisher’s Rockstar team could give us a glimpse of GTA IV’s heavily-hyped downloadable content, exclusive to Xbox 360. The 2K Games label could even unveil the follow-up to the mega-seller BioShock.


Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy may well be the two series that Square Enix is most famous for, but given the Japanese publisher’s continued talk of making its titles appeal more to Western audiences, we could see the first of these new US-friendly projects emerge at E3.


A duo of true triple-A brands will make Capcom’s stand a purist’s favourite – Street Fighter IV is certain to be the heavy hitter in the publisher’s line-up, while any new details on Resident Evil 5 will set the forums alight. Jetpack-fuelled shooter Dark Void could also prove to be a surprise hit.


SouthPeak’s arrival on the publishing scene will be cemented by demoing new titles Edge of Twilight, Raven Squad, Things on Wheels, Ninja Town, Big Bang Mini, Brave Shaman’s Challenge, Igor The Game, Mr Slime and more.


Action RPG Sacred 2 and the fruits of Deep Silver’s acquisition of Games That Matter will give the Koch-owned label plenty to shout about at E3, alongside key signing STALKER: Clear Sky.

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