MCVs UFC Industry Fitness Challenge: Week Three

It looks like things have gone a little off the rails in the third week of our challenge, with reports emerging of injuries and binge eating.

The tough-talking Neil Gorton from Ginx TV has found that no amount of Bin Kicking and Microwave Dinging can save him from the limitations of the human body. Urgh,” he posts on Twitter. First #UFCPTchallenge injury – the dreaded jelly legs. I need my small American trainer to ‘cut me’ so I can continue.”

However, his failing muscles are nothing compared to this shiner of a black eye picked up by journalist Jon Denton (left). When fellow contestant Ian McDougall asked how this happened, all Denton gives as a response is: MMA sparring – par for the course!”

Fortunately, the only other thing that has suffered this past week has been diligence. The #UFCPTchallenge Twitter hashtag reveals some of our fat fighters have fallen from the bandwagon – or are veering closer and closer to the edge.

Lunch PR’s Sean Bamberger posts: In order to keep this whole #UFCPTchallenge madness in check, I have been gorging myself on donuts this past few days. Total so far = 12.”

Similar lapses have occurred on the Official Nintendo Magazine team. Deputy editor and the industry’s nipular icon Steve Hogarty posts: My #UFCPTchallenge was derailed by a birthday party. The theme of which was, literally, ‘Unhealthy Food’.”

His colleague Gavin Murphy adds: Stag Do in Munich did little to help my #UFCPTchallenge. Luckily I whacked some of my blood in a centrifuge over the weekend. Skadoooosh.”

But there are still plenty of competitors with their eyes squarely focused on the prize: both the prospect of toning up, and the trip of Las Vegas. Amongst tweets of donuts and stag dos were these proud words from GamesRadar’s Nathan Irvine: I passed up free booze and curry to cycle home to do my workout in #UFCPTchallenge. We’re through the looking glass now, people.”

And there are still regular updates from a variety of entrants, including a weekly video diary from The Average Gamer’s Debbie Timmins. The latest episode can be viewed here:

Her colleague Lewis Rayne has also been posting weekly updates on his blog. Over the past seven days, he has added to his usual workout, introducing exercises such as T-push-ups and perfecting the much maligned V-up.

This past week has seen me adjust into my increased routine,” he writes. The fact I can pull this off with relatively little pain is a great milestone for my journey to fitness. Of course, I still get the dull ache and throbbing of muscles for hours after but nothing on the same level as my pain on starting this challenge. The Kinect still annoys me when it doesn’t pick up my movements but I am used to that now. The program is slowly ramping up its intensity and I think the next 11 days are going to pose quite a threat. This week leaves me at 110 KG with an overall loss of 5 KG.”

Over at, Martin Gaston is trying to post daily updates. Yesterday’s entry reads: Felt absolutely knackered this morning, and my energy levels seemed suspiciously low. I found myself finding it harder to do the routine, which was a relatively simple one: two circuits of v-ups, leg lifts, and bicycle crunches followed by two sets of push-ups, front raises, Arnold presses, and rear tricep extensions.

I didn’t really have much motivation to exercise, but I managed to thrash through the exercises. I think my grace period with UFC Trainer – that initial excitement of trying everything out – is starting to wear off, but I also think I’m going to keep using it after finishing the 30-day program.”

Finally, our contestants face competition from more than just the games industry – even the Animal Kingdom is getting in on the action.

In case you missed his debut in last week’s issue of MCV, this is Angus, a rabbit owned by Dubit Limited’s Paul Rayment. Having triumphed in a tense face off with Paul during one of his workouts (a moment immortalised forever below), Angus submitted his own Before pic. Better step up your game, folks!

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