MCV’s Women in Games issue is out now, featuring Caroline Miller, Keza MacDonald and much more

To coincide with our Women in Games Awards next week, our special issue of MCV is out today.

For our big interview this month, we talk to Indigo Pearl founder Caroline Miller about how the PR business has changed in the last 20 years and why the industry needs to do better at being diverse.

We also have a chat with The Guardian’s new video games editor Keza MacDonald about games as culture, the changing relationship between the media and publishers and how discoverability impacts the press, too.

We also address the gender pay gap issue and why the data shows there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Elsewhere, we investigate how QA and localisation are growing in new ways thanks to the increased globalisation of the games industry. With large-scale localisation difficult to do in house, how can agencies help developers deliver the best experiences to players and what does the future hold for localisation? Keywords Studios, LocalizeDirect, Testronic and Universally Sound give us the answer.

Meanwhile, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney discusses Fortnite’s success, why developers should be thinking about shiny Stormtroopers, and why games aren’t vacuum cleaners.

As ID@Xbox celebrates another successful year, we also speak to Agostino Simonetta about making developers’ lives easier and how to find your own success.

Also headlining this issue are European ‘cultural digital network’ Arte on making the leap to publishing with Vandals and Homo Machina, the V&A’s video games curator Marie Foulston on upcoming exhibition Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt and Bohemia Interactive on resurrecting DayZ.

The latest digital edition can be read here for free (and is also embedded below) and here are the full contents of this month’s issue:

· The editor: Women are the future (p.5)
· Critical path: The key dates of this month (p.6)
· The big interview: Indigo Pearl’s Caroline Miller (p.16)
· Gender pay gap: There’s still plenty of work to be done (p.22)
· QA & localisation: Think global, act local (p.26)
· Ins and outs: And all our recruitment advice (p.30)
· Industry voices: Our platform for the industry (p.40)
· Victory royale: Epic’s Tim Sweeney talks Fortnite (p.42)
· Culture club: Keza MacDonald on games as culture (p.46)
· Success with ID@Xbox: Making developers’ lives easier (p.50)
· Arte’s odyssey: Making the leap to publishing (p.54)
· V&A: Bringing game design to the masses (p.58)
· DayZ resurrected: Bringing the game back to life (p.62)
· New or improved: RICO, A Way Out, Disco Elysium (p.71)
· Fresh meat: We chat to VR studio Maze Theory (p.74)
· Under the influence: YouTuber CodeNamePizza (p.76)
· Brand flakes: Paladone’s Assassin’s Creed range (p.78)
· Mechanically sound: Making parkour feel right in Brink (p.80)
· The final boss: Ukie’s CEO Jo Twist (p.82)

About Marie Dealessandri

Marie Dealessandri is MCV’s former senior staff writer. After testing the waters of the film industry in France and being a radio host and reporter in Canada, she settled for the games industry in London in 2015. She can be found (very) occasionally tweeting @mariedeal, usually on a loop about Baldur’s Gate, Hollow Knight and the Dead Cells soundtrack.

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