Medal of Honor DLC recreates the hunt for Bin Laden

EA has revealed that The Hunt Map Pack for Medal of Honor: Warfighter will allow gamers to compete online in a locations based on the real-world hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

The former leader of terrorist group Al-Qaeda was killed by American special forces in May 2011.

Now EA has decided to give gamers a taste of the saga by basing its upcoming DLC release on two locations associated with the decade-long search for Bin Laden.

The first is The Darra Gun Market which, in the publisher’s words, is located in a tribal land where the rules are defined by only two principles – hospitality and revenge”.

The second is Chitral, also a region of Pakistan, which was apparently thought to have served as Bin Laden’s hideout for a certain period.

The controversy this will undoubtedly court is two-fold. On the one hand, EA will claim that Medal of Honor: Warfighter is an accurate military simulator – a theme that this DLC will expand upon.

On the other hand, critics will say it’s a glorification on the murder of a man that happened little more than a year ago.

One thing you can be sure of, though – this is unlikely the garner the sort of controversy that first game did. Playing as terrorists” was seen as anti-American and therefore obviously morally reprehensible. Will a move seen as anti-Muslim or anti-Pakistani be viewed in the same way?

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