Medal of Honor targets PSJailbreak

This Friday’s new FPS title Medal of Honor represents not only the return of a much-loved franchise but also a big step forward in Sony’s attempts to curb the recent piracy scare on PS3.

Those wanting to play the title will have to update their PS3 to the latest 3.50 firmware. This is included on the disc.

Anyone unwilling to update because they wish to continue exploiting piracy methods will not be able to play the game, according to Digital Foundry.

The new measures will also mean that all games released from this point onwards will not be playable on non-updated machines. This applies even to pirated versions of the titles.

DF also speculates that it will be tough, perhaps impossible, for pirates to try and retro-hack devices such as the PSJailbreak to cope with the new security measures, which is great news for big Christmas releases such as Gran Turismo 5.

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