15 new Anonymous suspects arrested

Following a string of 33 separate raids across Italy and Switzerland last night, 15 suspected members of hacking group Anonymous have been arrested.

Ars Technica reports that 14 suspects have been detained in Italy and one, who is known as ‘Phre’ and described as a ‘leader’ of the group, in Switzerland.

All are accused of orchestrating denial of service attacks on government and broadcasting websites.

Unsurprisingly the faceless voice of Anonymous itself has vowed revenge and dismissed all claims that any of the suspects are ‘leaders’ of the group. Splinter group AnonOps has urged all Italian members to "Let [the government] have it, stronger than ever".

There have already been a number of related arrests across Spain and Turkey.

Last month Essex resident Ryan Cleary was arrested and charged by the MET in relation to hacking offences. Though believed to be a possible founder of rival hacker group LulzSec, the collective has denied any connection to him.

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