ABCs: 360 and Nintendo mags up, PlayStation decline continues

A mixed set of results for this years’ Audited Bureau of Circulation figures, as the rise of Nintendo and continued strength of 360 see considerable rises for single format magazines, counterbalanced by some significant reductions in PlayStation magazine circulations.

PC magazines including PC Gamer and PC Zone also saw declines, while key multi-format mags Edge and GamesMaster posted similar drops of around 10 per cent.

So, the figures revealed today for the six months ending June 30th are as follows:

Edge: 30,021 (down 10.6%)
Games Master: 47,719 (down 10.6%)
Microsoft Windows XP The Official Magazine: 36,437
Microsoft Vista: 38,524 (N/A)
Official Nintendo Magazine: 47,925 (up 34.7%)
Official PlayStation 2: 44,182 (down 55.9%)
Official Xbox 360 Magazine: 65,673 (up 53.9%)
PC Gamer: 41,599 (down 8.2%)
PC Zone: 24,385 (down 18.8%)
PC Format: 28,314 (down 7.1%)
PlayStation World: 17,132 (down 50.3%)
PSM3: 24,121 (down 33%)
Xbox World 360: 30,296 (up 30.7%)


360: 12,017 (down 8.3%)
X360: 30,179 (up 38%)

360 Gamer: 12,586 (up 37.8%)

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