AGE RATINGS: Retail wont sell adult games to kids

The Entertainment Retail Association is confident that its members will not use today’s shock news about the Video Recordings Act to profit from selling adult material to children.

However, ERA director general Kim Bayley said she could not speak for independent retailers who have not signed up to ERA.

It was revealed today that the 1984 Act is actually unenforceable, meaning retailers that are caught selling adult games or movies to children face no legal penalty – igniting concerns that rogue stores may sell 18-rated titles to kids without fear of reprisal.

Bayley told MCV:

We are of course surprised that this news has come to light, but we are confident that all ERA members will act responsibly – and will continue to ensure inappropriate material does not get into the hands of children.

However, I can’t speak on behalf of smaller video and video games retailers who aren’t ERA members.”

ELSPA has urged the Government to act as quickly as possible to fix the blunder and enforce the law.

ERA members include HMV, GAME, Amazon, Play, Blockbuster, Borders, LoveFilm, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

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