And this is how you get some coverage for your game in The Sun

Getting coverage in the games press is easy.

Just fly a load of journalists over to Seattle, show them a video with men talking very enthusiastically and fly them back. Simple.

But how about the mainstream press? That can be a harder nut to crack, although if you want something in The Sun there is one approach you can take.

For instance, if you can hire the services of Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts for a day and get her to wear a skin-tight catsuit you’re probably quids in.

It worked for EA, who got Roberts to dress up in something that vaguely resembles the Nanosuit that stars in Crysis 3. Although Roberts’ is a tad tighter.

It’s fair to say that the game’s hero, Prophet, doesn’t look anywhere near as good in the outfit as Ashley, with the black-and-grey paint showing off her sizzling curves,” the paper adds.

If she’s bored, the latest Crysis title looks like an intelligent answer to your average shooter, asking players to combine stealth with an all-guns-blazing approach to best their enemies. She could try to kick-start her love life by asking a few fellas around for a game.”

Yes, we suppose she could. That’s it.

UPDATE: Eagle-eyed readers have pointed out that Roberts may be wearing paint as opposed to a catsuit. We knew we could rely on them to examine the pictures very, very closely.

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