Are you one of the top UK games influencers?

A special guide naming the most 100 influential people in the UK games industry will be published by MCV next month.

The MCV Brit List will champion leading talent and innovative individuals changing the country’s video games business across retail and publishing, development, media, services and businesses.

We’ll profile the most powerful men and women working in UK video games today, both the influential entrepreneurs – and perhaps some people you didn’t know where reshaping the business.

The full list will be published at the end of March, with a special ceremony unveiling the top 100 – and a special supplement distributed with MCV and its sister title Develop.

But first, we need your suggestions who will go on the list. We’ve already got cracking in consultation with some key influencers already – but we now’s your chance to suggest who YOU think should be included in our list.

Maybe it’s your boss, a colleague – or yourself.

Simply email MCV editor with your suggestions, and reasons why he/she should be considered.

Lobbying for inclusion on the list is open until Friday, and we will reveal the full list at the end of March.

For advertising and sponsorship opportunities of The Brit List, please contact MCV’s new account manager or call him on 01992 535 646.

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