Arrests decimate LulzSec

A spate of arrests across the globe look to have silenced the anarchic digital voice that was once LulzSec.

DailyTech reports that a number of police raids have seen the heart of the organisation torn out.

The first major blow was the arrest of LulzSec chief ‘Topiary’ in the Shetland Islands, who is currently awaiting trial. More recently five UK residents have been detained, including supposed LulzSec leader ‘Kayla’.

It is believed that only two LulzSec members – ‘Sabu’ and one unnamed other believed to be ‘Avunit’ – remain free, while recognisable handles such as ‘Tflow’, ‘Recursion’ and ‘Pwnsauce’ have faced arrest.

In addition, the group’s Twitter account has been virtually silent for the last two months, while splinter group AntiSec has seen little activity.

The arrests have also dented the activities of Anonymous, with key members having also succumbed to police investigations. Unlike LulzSec, however, Anonymous does live on and is already discussing a fresh batch of attacks online.

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