Aussie industry farewells Stuart Dinsey

Last week, MCV founder Stuart Dinsey said goodbye to the company he’d headed for more than 15 years.

While our UK colleagues farewelled Stu, we asked those in the local industry who knew Stu to also pass on their farewells. Here’s what they said.

Annabel Wallace

Brand Manager,All Interactive Entertainment

This gentleman has always been at the forefront of our working lives reporting, guiding, supporting and filling us all in on everything that our amazing industry stands for.

We have all been lucky enough to attend his parties, drink his booze and get on the stage to swear at everyone (or was that just me???)

After putting up with my continuous nagging (no easy feat) to start an Export award at the MCV’s for years, then promtly emigrating off to Oz last year when he FINALLY did it – I realise clearly that this man has always listened / put up with all of us at certain check points of our careers / middle of the night at an industry function after one too many Babycham and Brandy’s..

From loitering near my old manor in Fulham (even though a Bluey), to supporting the eating house that is Bodean’s W6, this man has always managed to be around for us all and will be deeply missed by everyone – MCV won’t be MCV without you!

Stu – you are a legend and I wish you nothing but the best and lots of success with your next venture..

Kat Jarvis

Head of Brand,All Interactive Entertainment

Stu has been part of the games industry for so long and been the face of everything we know at MCV it will be strange him not being there.

With great enthusiasm for everything in video games and huge support for all the people in it, he has played a vital role bringing everyone together and becoming a voice of the industry.

From working hard to playing hard, we will miss you Stu, thanks for everything!

Jim Flynn

Director,Citrus Media

Stuart is / was the hub of the UK videogame industry – he’s hugely respected and invariably spot-on with facts and opinions. He genuinely deserves all the success he has worked for and enjoyed.

Simon Smith-Wright

Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific,Electronic Arts

It’s hard to imagine what the industry might have been like without MCV, which you created. You have always been the cement that brings the industry together and keeps it together.

MCV has always celebrated the achievements of the industry as a whole and also those many individuals and companies that make this industry so great. You have achieved tons in your leadership of MCV and always driven it with the huge enthusiasm, energy and determination. You leave the UK with a valued institution as well as many happy memories and of course lots of embarrassing MCV Award videos!

All the best in whatever comes next!

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