British developers earn over a fifth over the UK average of £25,000 says latest industry data

Average UK developer yearly salary is £30,316, says Games Impact

UK games developers earn over £5,000 a year more than British average annual salaries – and they are worth every penny, given that they are part of the country’s "knowledge economy," says the Games Up campaign’s Games Impact report.

According to the data compiled by Oxford Economics developers in the UK earn, on average, £30,316 a year – a considerable leap on the UK average yearly salary of £25,000.

The UK development sector employs some 10,000 developers, the report says in its chapter dedicated to employment and GDP. (Which means Britsoft’s total games development salary spend for ’08 is approximately £303m, according to a quick bit of very rough mental arithmetic.)

And the report suggests they’re worth it as well: 69 per cent of UK games developers are educated to degree level or higher, according to Skillset, where as just 20 per cent of the UK working age population are educated to degree level.

"The high level of skills inherent to Games Development makes it a part of the UK’s ‘knowledge economy’," the report concludes.

"The knowledge economy, representing those industries or parts of industries which employ large numbers of workers qualified to degree level or equivalent, plays a vital part to this strategy. As a highly skilled industry, Games Development helps to fulfill the Government’s objective of increasing skills, productivity and the knowledge economy in the UK."

We have serialised the full Game Impact report online – click here to start reading it.

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