BlazBlue 1.7m units sold worldwide, Chrono Phantasma hits this winter

The Blazblue series has sold 1.7m units worldwide, Aksys has announced.

800k, or just under half, of the copies were sold in the US according to a post on the publisher’s website.

Arc System’s 2D fighting franchise debuted on consoles back in 2009 with Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, and the game’s sequel followed in 2010 offering revamped mechanics and more characters. Ports of the title were also made for PS Vita, PSP, and 3DS.

In related news, the developer today announced that the latest BlazBlue effort Chrono Phantasma is heading to arcades in Japan this winter. It’s to feature three new characters.

If that weren’t enough already, Arc System is also gearing up for this week’s launch of Persona 4 Arenaand recently announced adventure title Xblaze for release this fall as well.

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