Brexit is forcing 40% of games companies to consider relocation

In the week that Theresa May triggered Article 50, a UKIE report has found that 40 per cent of UK games businesses are considering relocation as a result of Brexit.

51 per cent said they would remain in the UK, while the remaining nine per cent failed to answer. Of those thinking of upping sticks, 23 per cent have already been approached by other places including France, Germany, Spain, Australia, the US and Canada.

37 per cent say that their ability to attract investment has been negatively impacted by the vote to leave, although in smaller companies of under 50 employees this number raises to 48 per cent.

38 per cent also say that they are now finding it harder to attract the required talent. Again, for smaller companies this jumps to 60 per cent. 57 per cent employ EU workers, who typically make up around 34 per cent of their headcount.

Bossa’s award-winning games are played in every corner of the planet, generating 80 per cent of our revenues from exports,” Bossa co-founder and CEO Henrique Olifiers said. We don’t just export games: we spread British values and humour to audiences far and wide. Due to the international nature of what we create, we fundamentally rely on global talent capable of crafting international products.

The damaging uncertainty caused by Brexit to our EU employees, and not having access to the brightest and best European talent, some of whom are now refusing to resettle in the UK, is forcing us to assess whether it will be possible to produce our future games in this country.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s VP and MD Warwick Light added: It is vital that we maintain friction free access to all major markets and talent. We are an international games business with European Headquarters in the UK. The introduction of tariffs or non-tariff barriers could impede the efficient and successful operation of that business.”

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