Brianna Wu offering $11k reward for information leading to GamerGate arrests

One of the women victimised by the GamerGate hate campaign has said her family will offer a reward for anyone who helps identify individuals who have sent her death threats.

The Wu family is offering a reward of $11,000 for identifiable information leading to the prosecution of people sending me death threats,” the Revolution 60 creator confirmed.

Of this sum, $1,000 is being provided by the Wu family and $10k by an anonymous donor.

A subsequent tweet confirmed that Wu will pay the money on the condition that guilty parties are arrested and/or convicted. Additional arrests will offer a reduced award, scaling down to $5,500 and $2,750.

On Friday Wu expressed her desire to establish a legal defence fund for women who have been the victim of hate crime from GamerGaters.

One of the biggest ways GamerGate operates is character assassination. Well, we have laws protecting you against that,” she said. I’m not a lawyer, but the fund will pay lawyers to find cases on libel and defamation and prosecute them in civil court. These cases might be mine, or they might be other women targeted by GamerGate. It will be cases the legal team feels they can win.

Sadly, fighting back is all these bullies understand. I’m in the process of making sure the fund complies with our legal and tax structure. My suggestion to anyone in GamerGate is to think very carefully about saying something libellous or defamatory about the women you target.”

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