Brianna Wu’s Revolution 60 appears on Steam Greenlight

Mobile game Revolution 60 could be coming to Steam following an appearance on Steam Greenlight.

The game is made by Brianna Wu who, alongside Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, has been one of the highest profile victims of the Gamergate hate movement.

At long last, my team is done with the PC version of Revolution 60,” Wu said. R60 iOS was designed top to bottom with the touch interface in mind. That tactic obviously doesn’t work with the PC. We studied one of my favorite Dreamcast games, Typing of the Dead – and took parts of that gameplay for this version. The words you type will be evocative of the emotion you’re experiencing! For instance, if a character betrays you – you will be typing the word ‘Betrayal’.

I expect a lot of people to down vote our game because they dislike Brianna Wu, the woman known for discussing women in the game industry. Your upvotes are really going to be critical.”

As you might expect, the discussions board on the Greenlight page is horrific, with locked topics including are you trying to emotionally blackmail us?’, Is Brianna Wu a white supremacist?”, Spacekatgal, it’s time you stopped demonising people” and various other assorted nonsense.

The comments are sadly much the same.

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