BYRON REVIEW: Byron & Brown on the GMTV Sofa

Dr Tanya Byron and Prime Minister Gordon Brown were live on the GMTV sofa this morning to outline the new proposals for video games age ratings – with the interview by presenter Fiona Phillips explaining the situation to what has traditionally been a largely female audience.

Bryon began by pointing out: We’ve made some tough recommendations about video game classification and the Internet in order to empower parents.”

She then went on to explain why these recommendations have been made:

We’re suggesting a different set of symbols for children. 50 per cent of all games are for children and many are exceptional, aiding cognitive development. But we want parents to be able to make an informed choice.”

Phillips highlighted a lack of education about games ratings and suitability being a significant concern, asking: But isn’t the biggest problem that parents are often buying games that are not for children and then giving them to their kids? It seems many parents don’t understand the current system for game classification.”

PM Gordon Brown responded: That’s why we want one simple rating. We’ve got to get parents to look out for the welfare of their children in the same way as they would in other scenarios. They have to make sure children are as safe as possible, but it’s difficult for parents because they didn’t grow up in the computer age. Computers should have filters and internet providers must act responsibly.

We are looking to make a difference and want to ensure that the proper information is out there. We are all in this together – Government, parents and the game makers.”

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