BYRON REVIEW: Media Reaction

Newspapers across the country have responded this morning to Dr Tanya Byron’s report ‘Safer Children in a Digital World’.

The Times was the most in depth, offering up two pages and a front cover to the story that included a picture of a six-year-old boy playing Grand Theft Auto. The newspaper also listed the games that will ‘test’ the BBFC to its limits, and included Manhunt 2, Bully, God of War and Resident Evil.

What the papers say…

Daily Mail:

The government-commissioned report says video games can harm the development of children’s beliefs and value systems and desensitise them to violence”

The Times:

Two events in the computer games calendar will provide important tests for the regime envisages by Tanya Byron: the arrival next month of Grand Theft Auto IV, and a court decision last week to overturn a ban on the ultra-violent Manhunt 2”

To label games as ‘bad’ is to do the industry a disservice as with novels, films and internet websites, there are good and bad games, and the process of becoming engrossed in a well-told story is similar.”

The Daily Telegraph:

Dr. Byron believes many children outwit their parents about confusing, information on games packaging. She will insist that the new symbols be clearly visible and easy for everyone to understand.”

The Guardian:

The industry and government must do more to provide information to parents on how to set timers on computers, video games and consoles games.”

The Sun:

A powerful internet watchdog to guard kids from porn and violence will be demanded today. Cinema style ratings for video games will be called for in a major report by TV child guru Dr Tanya Byron”

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