BYRON REVIEW: New ratings wont arrive for two years

The changes s

uggested by Dr. Tanya Byron

in her Review of digital entertainment today – and backed by

leading Ministers

– won’t actually have any practical effect until 2010.

That’s according to the report itself, which sets out a timetable for when Byron’s recommendations will be implemented. It reads:

By Autumn 2008:

– Consultation on changes to classification system underpinned by clear plans for potential legislative change

– Industry commits to develop minimum standards for parental controls

– Campaign to raise awareness of age ratings and parental controls underway

– Retailers make improvements to in-store information

– UK Council for Child Internet Safety establishes sub-group on online gaming
Industry and classification bodies commit to develop single set of standards for managing safety in online games

By Spring 2009:

– BBFC and PEGI agree and publish standards for managing safety in online games

– Research into role of video game advertising on underage game play completed

– Industry guidelines on advertising of video games produced

By Summer 2010:

– Changes to classification system in place

– Ongoing monitoring and enforcement of sales of age-rated video games.

– Government identifies ways for game based learning to be evaluated in different educational environments

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