Capcom: ‘We should have better communicated what Street Fighter V was going to be’

Publisher Capcom has admitted it had failed to properly inform consumers exactly what they were getting with Street Fighter V.

The firm says it has learned from its mistakes, and is now committed to making the fighting game the best in the series.

Street Fighter V launched in February, but lacked many features – including the game’s single player mode – and suffered severe online connectivity issues, too.

The game has since been regularly updated, including the introduction of a story mode.

The launch of Street Fighter V was not very good,” said Capcom European CEO Katsuhiko Ichii. We have heard and accepted all the users’ voices. It should have been better organised, it should have been better explained. Now, what we need to do is just improve the game. Right now R&D is working hard to add more content and make the users happy.”

EMEA marketing director Antoine Molant added: We always communicated that this was a service-based model game, but we should have better communicated that content would drop on an on-going basis. The online server situation was definitely a key learning for us, the fact that an online game wouldn’t have properly running servers… that was not right.”

He continued: The gameplay at its core is brilliant. Nobody is complaining about that. It is the rest of it, the coating… that’s what people are complaining about, and for good reasons. At the core we have a very good game, we just need to make sure we express its potential to the fullest.”

Ichii and Molant also discuss Resident Evil VII in this week’s MCV.

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