Challenge scraps UK games TV show Videogame Nation

The UK’s only regular TV video games show, Videogame Nation, has been cancelled after its fourth series.

The decision was described by co-host Dan Maher as sudden” in a Facebook post, where he added: Challenge TV decided not to renew the show in order to focus exclusively on gameshow content. Contrary to what some have speculated, it was nothing to do with ratings, which remained consistently high for the channel and timeslot”.

The move is part of a larger change at Ginx TV. Maher confirmed that the Videogame Nation team is approaching other networks about a possible new commission for the series, while ruling out a move to YouTube because of the financial requirements involved in running the show.

Maher added that crowdfuding might be an option, although it is not the preferred route.

It’s a possibility, but it’s also expecting a lot of our audience,” he said. I can’t speak for the others, but I’d like to bring you a great gaming show funded by a channel or company with money to spare, rather than demanding that our fans keep us afloat.

I’ve successfully dabbled with crowdfunding in the past, and produced an experimental pilot (that also features Aoife), the DNA of which exists in VGN in some capacity. However, despite a great response and some truly never-before-seen ideas, we failed to get a channel or site to pick it up, and I’m personally loath to run the risk of disappointing our generous supporters again.”

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