COMPETITION: 360 and more up for grabs

The second Xbox 360/MCV Industry Pub Quiz of the year took place in London’s fashionable West End last night, but as ever, the Microsoft team and assorted Round Sponsors didn’t want any of you not-so-fashionable readers to miss out.

The lucky winner will receive an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Points card (courtesy of Microsoft), and iTunes gift card (courtesy of Koch), a range of accessories (courtesy of A4T) and copies of Nutrition Matters (courtesy of 505 Games), HAWX (courtesy of Ubisoft), Ben 10 (courtesy of Turner), Grand Slam Tennis (courtesy of EA) and the Mega Drive Collection (courtesy of Sega).

To take part simply email your answers to Please note – you WON’T win if you post your answers in the comments box below!

1) Finger-lickin’ TV chef Nigella Lawson is married to which famous art collector?
A) Charles Saatchi
B) Charles Schulz
C) Maurice Saatchi

2) What’s the name of the Grand Prix team that Jenson Button drives for?
A) Braun
B) Brawn
C) Brains

3) Which one is NOT a venue for one of the four tennis Grand Slam tournaments?
A) Wimbledon
B) Roland Garros
C) Queens

4) Which Beatles film features the famous rooftop concert?

A) Let It Be
B) Let It Bleed
C) Let It Rot

5) Which Bond film has just been released for download via the Xbox Live Videostore?

A) Puddle of Silence
B) Lagoon of Soiltude
C) Quantum of Solace

6) Which referee turned down Chelsea’s 87 penalty appeals against Barcelona in the recent Champions League semi-final?
A) Tom Henning Ovrebo
B) Tim Henman Overbite
C) Graham Poll

7) Bruce Springsteen’s new album is called…
A) Working on a Lathe
B) Working on a Dream
C) Working on a Shed

8) Which TV channel is the home to Ben 10?
A) Cartoon Network
B) BBC 2
C) Dave

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