Develop Conference: 'I was very worried about the move to 3D', says Development Legend winner

David Perry: Selling Shiny is my biggest regret

Selling Earthworm Jim developer Shiny Entertainment to Interplay "was the worst decision I ever made", industry luminary David Perry has revealed.

Speaking at the Develop in Brighton conference, Perry said that allowing the publisher to acquire the studio was his biggest regret in his long and illustrious career.

He said that after Earthworm Jim 2, and with the onset of 3D games, he had concerns over the long-term viability of Shiny Entertainment as it was housed by pencil animators rather than 3D-trained developers.

"I was very worried, because I have a team with some of the best animators in the world, but they all use pencils," said Perry.

"But the games industry was going 3D. I was like, I’ve got this building full of pencil animators and there was no questions that the industry was going 3d.

"I brought in some new tools, and you could see the artists saying ‘we can’t work this way’. And I thought this is it, we’re heading for a brick wall with this company.

"That’s the biggest regret I have, the worst mistake I ever made – selling Shiny Entertainment."

He said that after he sold the studio, it went on to produce sniper game MDK, which renewed his hope in the development outfit thanks to its high-end visuals in 3D.

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