Dota 2 is now free to play; Valve adds in-game store, mod support

Valve today announced that Dota 2 has gone the Team Fortress 2 route and is now free to play.

Like Team Fortress 2, the game will now also feature an in-game store, where players can buy items and gear to customise their heroes. However, these customisations will be cosmetic only.

Dota 2 will also receive Steam Workshop support, which makes it easier for players to implement user-created mods. Users can also upload their own creations, which the Steam community can download and rate. The best content is then gathered by the developers and made available as an official content update, sales proceeds from which go to the original creators.

To learn more about these new changes to Dota 2, you can check out this handy FAQ over at the official Dota 2 blog.

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