E3 PREVIEW: Are you ready?

It’s going to be busy and tiring, and despite absolutely flying by, at the end of it you’ll be close to death. But at least you’ll spend most of it drunk.

We love E3, right? But the scope for catastrophe is huge, so MCV asked a number of the UK industry’s leading faces to offer the best advice they can ahead of the flight out to LA…

David Yarnton – General Manager UK, Nintendo
Make all your appointments prior to the show. Provide a contact number for people that you want to meet in case there are any problems.

Matt Carroll – Commercial Director – Games, Disney
Pack old comfortable shoes or trainers to wear – no one cares how you’re dressed and it will help you charge round the show floor.

Gurdeep Hunjan – Games Manager, Sainsbury’s
Plan a 30 to 45-minute lunch break in between the hectic meetings throughout the days. And make the most of your LA free time.

Spencer Crossley – Sales and Marketing Director, Warner Bros
Plan your appointments geographically, so you’re not boomeranging between the Kentia and South Halls.

Andrew Thompson – Head of Games, Asda
Try to cram in as many stands and meetings as possible. It is exhausting but well worth it. And don’t let your bosses think it is a jolly.

Stefan McGarry – Senior UK?PR?Manager, Sega
Journalists, get the right visa sorted out. It’ll save the sweats at immigration. And be flexible – even the best schedule will fall apart in the first hour.

Craig McNicol – Managing Director, Koch Media
Pack an iPad and don’t think about wearing a jacket. You will be much fresher making notes on the iPad and in shirt sleeves.

Rod Cousens – CEO, Codemasters
Organise your transport upfront. Get the meetings in the first two days, prioritise what you want to see and get on the party lists!

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