ELSPA demands Government support


MCV revealed last week

that the UK games market saw its most lucrative Q1 period ever in the first three months of the year, ELSPA has applauded the figures – but warned that the Government must offer the UK tax breaks and other financial incentives to prevent talent heading overseas.

Responding to MCV’s exclusive Q1 sales figure story, ELSPA director general Paul Jackson said: We are thrilled to see the industry continue to grow at such a rapid rate and video game sales continuing to rise.”

But he called on the Government to assist the UK industry’s cause further, adding:

The UK continues to blaze a trail in terms of creativity yet over the last few years it is becoming apparent that some talent is being lured away by more attractive prospects overseas. As it stands, the UK is already down to fourth place from third as the world’s creative centre for games.”

It is time the Government recognised the massive financial contribution we make to the UK economy, especially when compared to the film, TV and music industries today. We call for a level playing field in terms of incentive and support. We would like to see a pledge from the Government that encourages investment in our development studios and talent at home.”

ELSPA also confirmed the figures from our story last week. According to ChartTrack figures, retailers turned over 418.4million across all software for the period 30th December to 29th March, with 17.89million units sold.

Video games and home office software sales were up a third in value compared to last year’s figures of 317million market value and unit sales 15.62million.

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