ELSPA: The real work starts now

ELSPA wants to take advantage of its strengthened relationship with the Government to get more important issues for the industry discussed in Parliament.

After the body’s success in lobbying the Government to choose PEGI as the UK’s only age classification system, it has now turned its attention to tax breaks, piracy and other issues – as well as ensuring the smooth transition away from a BBFC-led system.

Speaking to MCV
director general Michael Rawlinson said: The two biggest priorities for us are piracy and tax breaks. We still face both physical piracy and criminal piracy online – with organised groups making money from both.

Without question, we need to continue to stop both in their tracks – and show no tolerance, regardless of who it is repeatedly stealing from our members.

On the tax breaks issue, we’re getting closer – as you can see from the open discussion with the DCMS that MCV reported on the other week.

We’re working with the right solution that supports British creativity and inward investment.

However, achieving tax breaks is obviously going to be difficult, given the budgetary constraints that will face whichever party that makes up the next administration.”

However, Microsoft’s senior regional director for northern Europe Neil Thompson said that ELSPA would also be fixated on assisting retail with the new age ratings:

We will listen to any concern retail has and collectively focus hard on ensuring we overcome those.

The feedback we’ve had is that the new system and symbols are clear and understandable and although the transition from today’s world to the new system will inevitably create some work, we are confident the intuitive nature of the new approach will help retail.”

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