Exclusive: GAME to launch free in-store magazine created by Network N

GAME will today announce a new gaming magazine – yes, you heard that right, a new print title in 2018. The self-titled GAME magazine looks to be following in the footsteps of GameStop’s long-running Game Informer title in the US.

The new GAME title will be free and distributed in GAME stores – and presumably in Sports Direct stores with GAME and BELONG concessions too. There’s no details yet on the frequency of the title, we’re awaiting confirmation from GAME. The company claims that the new, free, magazine will have ‘more reach than any other UK game magazine, and possibly all of them put together.’

It’s an intriguing move for the company in this day and age. However, the idea of a free magazine, if well-executed, could drive footfall into the stores, with consumers popping in to pick up a copy. That dovetails nicely with the BELONG strategy in trying to make the stores more than simply a retail destination.

Natalie Amosu, CMO of GAME commented: “We’re passionate about games and about our customers, so the chance to create a free magazine to share the news we’re all interested in, straight after E3, written by a top UK editorial team seemed like a perfect opportunity.”

Network N’s COO Tim Edwards added: “We’re excited to build on the success of our digital and in-store work with GAME, and leverage the distribution and audience engagement opportunity. We have recruited the best UK editorial team for this issue and we’re excited about the massive stories and exclusives we’re putting in.”

The first issue will drop just after E3, week of the 2nd of July, and will include a Battlefield V cover, a Fortnite feature plus a guide on how to get started in streaming. GAME added that ‘Customers using the GAME mobile app will also be able shop every page via Ads Reality technology.’

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