EXCLUSIVE: Would the games industry rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

As readers of MCV magazine will know, last month saw the introduction of a brand new section in which we ask THE burning question at the heart of the games industry.

That question is this: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

We didn’t want you online folk to miss out on this invaluable insight so here’s a roundup of who’ve we’ve featured so far. We’ll probably do this every month, unless the shame of it all becomes too much and we delete this story and pretend the whole thing never happened.

SIMON MILLER – Videogamer.com

"I would prefer to fight 100 duck sized horses rather than one horse sized duck for many reasons. The first is down to the spectator’s point of view. If I have multiple enemies to take on, it’s going to look a lot cooler smashing them to pieces one after the other to those watching. If it’s just one damned duck we may as well put it in a ring and call it a boxing match. As long as said duck would understand and appreciate the rules. Either way, I would fight and be victorious against these troublesome ducks."

JONATHAN BLOW – Developer (Braid, The Witness)

"I’m going to have to take the Fifth Amendment on this. I would just be a pacifist. I’d meet with both sides and try and get them to work it out."


My answer to this would depend on what equipment I was allowed. Since I work with and train horses, I know just how tough one can be. Ducks can be pretty aggressive too, after all they’re descended from dinosaurs, so all have a T-Rex within them deep deep down. If you allowed me my armour, a lance and Warlord, my charger, as well as an arming sword, plus a poll-axe for foot combat, I’d take on the horse-sized Duck. I’d never fight duck-sized horses, they’d be too sweet and gentle. I’d feed them carrots and make friends with them.”

MATT PELLETT – Official PlayStation Magazine

"I don’t know if I’d like to fight any kind of animal. The thought of either would make me tremendously sad. What a cruel question to ask. It’d be easier to fight one horse-sized duck, surely, to avoid being mobbed by 100 tiny horses. That’s 100 creatures to hurt. I guess I’d have to go for the former. Though I would do so begrudgingly and I’d only fight back if my life was on the line."

IAN LIVINGSTONE – Industry legend

Back in the pre-video game era, I used to play a game called Ogre by Steve Jackson Games. To clear up the confusion, this was the American Steve Jackson, not my Games Workshop co-founder Steve Jackson. Ogre was a two-player game in which one huge cybernetic super tank (the Ogre) fought loads of much smaller armoured vehicles and infantry. I mostly won playing the Ogre, and for that reason I would rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses.”

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