FBI investigating Anita Sarkeesian death threats

The FBI is investigating the abuse, and specifically the death threats, endured by Tropes vs Women creator Anita Sarkeesian.

The IGDA earlier this month confirmed that it had discussed the issue with authorities, and now Polygon reports that the FBI is directly involved in the case.

A representative of the San Francisco police confirmed that Sarkeesian has filed a report concerning threats that forced her out of her home and that said information had been passed to the FBI, which is handling the case.

"There are ongoing investigations in multiple municipalities regarding death threats targeting me and my family," Sarkeesian said, adding that she is not able to say much as it is an active investigation.

"Despite the seriousness of the situation, a group of obsessive cyberstalkers have started a witch hunt against me attempting to prove some sort of paranoid conspiracy theory about fabricated threats. This is unfortunately another example of how the aggressive denial of women’s lived experiences online is not only sexist but can actually be dangerous.

The witch hunt is irresponsible and has further compromised my privacy and my personal safety as well as serving as a distraction to authorities during an ongoing investigation."

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