Games Centre runs Pokémon Go events for charity

Scottishretail chain Games Centre made the most of the Pokmon Go phenomenon, all in the aid of charity.

Starting with its Kilmarnock store, the firm organised ‘Pokmon Go Prowls’ from all its local shops.

The concept saw Games Centre offer a tour of town landmarks, while visiting Pokstops and catching Pokmon. In exchange, players were asked to bring a tin for local food banks. The retailer has been working closely with the Trussel Trust Fund on its ‘Bring a tin’ campaign.

Kilmarnock’s Pokmon Go Prowl (pictured) attracted 80 people and nearly 100 tins were donated. This paved the way for an even bigger success at Irvine’s Games Centre, where over 300 people attended and donated 922 tins.

We also talked to local businesses, and they’ve been absolutely amazing and donated loads,” Irvine store manager Craig Kennedy told MCV.

It’s been such a positive experience to just get everyone in and about, and interact with everyone. Vanilla Joes, our local ice cream store, even created a Pokmon Go flavoured ice cream for everyone.”

Each event was also broadcasted on Facebook Live, with people tuning in from as far as Australia.

Games Centre’s MD Robert Lindsay said that Pokmon Go was exactly what the industry needed at this time of the year.”

He added: Pokmon Go has given us the opportunity to engage with new and existing customers in a fun and innovative way.”

Even the Scottish parliament praised the initiative, wishing Games Centre all the best with its future Pokmon charity walks.”

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