Critical Path documentary project reveals archive of developer interview clips

Games industry luminaries to feature in new documentary

An upcoming documentary film exploring the art and philosphy of some of the gaming industry’s luminary minds has unvieled a web page featuring video interview excerpts from a score of developers.

Critical Path is a transmedia project with the stated goal of giving "game designers their due as innovators and influencers of culture."

The interview clips available on the project’s website are the first phase of release, to be followed by a full length feature film and mobile app.

The documentary has been filmed over the course of two years, with sessions taking place at the industry’s largest conference: GDC San Fransciso.

Featured developers include: Cliff Blesinski, Will Wright, Nolan Bushnell, Ken Levine, Jason Rohrer, Sid Meier, Warren Spector, John Carmack,Hideo Kojima, Ian Bogost, David Cage, Jenova Chen, Kellee Santiago, Richard Garriot, Peter Molyneux, and Tim Schaffer.

There is no word of when the film will be released.

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