Godus co-designer Jack Attridge leaves 22Cans

The man described as 22Cans’ voice of reason” has left the studio to go it alone.

The Guardian reports that Jack Attridge left the studio on Friday, telling the paper: Me and Peter [Molyneux] went on a big 10 mile walk and finally said our goodbyes.”

Some had expected the former EA Bright Light and Mind Candy developer to one day take control of the studio. Even Attridge himself shared the belief.

When Peter started talking about this new company 22Cans I got really excited,” he said. After meeting him he said to me why don’t you come along as a designer, but also as his kind of protg.

For a good year it was just me and him designing crazy stuff together every day. But after a time I realised I was much more of an advisor at 22Cans and I wanted to be able to steer my own ship.

I decided that it was time to go off and try my own thing and I explained my idea to Peter who was really supportive. He was sympathetic and gave me loads of advice, he just did everything he could to help us. He signed a waiver so I could start my own company straight away, and he advised me on running a team and a business.”

Attridge denied that the decision was due to the rocky road experienced by Godus. In fact, he credited Molyneux for his stewardship of the studio throughout the saga.

When you have a team that has been so dedicated to a project for so long it’s going to hit hard when something like that happens,” Attridge added. The team has felt immense highs at certain points and this was a very contrasting low. But that seems to be the risk you take when you put so much of yourself into something.

What really impressed me was how quickly the studio was able to bounce back, and I think that was down to Peter’s relentless drive. I really learned something about leadership during that time.”

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