GTA sex beast is Sun’s most popular story

The Sun’s now infamous

‘Sex beast copied Grand Theft Auto’ article

has become the most prominent story on the

homepage of the newspaper’s website today


That would indicate that the article, which only appeared on page nine of today’s The Sun paper, has grown in popularity throughout the day.

You can read the full story here, which details the trail of 19-year-old Ryan Chinnery at Maidstone Crown Court.

Chinnery pleaded guilty of the sexual assault of two women, as prosectuer Eleanor Laws said the fact Chinnery played GTA was a likely factor in the assaults, which occurred when the assailant was 17-years old.

Laws said the game may go some way to explaining [Chinnery’s] attitude to women”; not, as the publication’s headline explicitly states, that he ‘copied’ anything from the franchise.

The article reports: ‘The case will fuel debate on the effects on youngsters of violent computer games.’

Do you think that’s true? Or will the tone and bias of The Sun article have more of an influence?

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