Ex-Tiga CEO on bettering progress with the political elite

Hasson: Dialogue with Government must improve

In a feature written for Develop, Red Bedlem exec and ex-Tiga CEO Fred Hasson has suggested that the UK games industry must collectively improve its policies with regard to relationships with the Government.

In his piece, Hasson proposes a number of ways in which the industry must build on recent successes with the country’s administrative leaders, such as the progress with PEGI age ratings and the establishment of the All Party Parliamentary Group

"The industry needs to develop more detailed policy now that politicians are clocking the importance of games, and also be prepared for changes in Government, the European Commission, and the fall out from the economic crisis," said Hasson.

"With these breakthroughs comes more responsibility, and now the industry has to deliver coherent, thought through messages, and this means moving on from the ‘notice us’ agenda," he added.

In the feature, Hasson covers a number of issues integral to progress with government relationships, including Regional Development Agencies, regulation, and tax breaks; the latter of which he describes as "looking more likely than ever".

To read the full feature, click here.

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