IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today (August 10th 2012)

MCV has spent a lot of time this week lamenting the inability of big companies to tell it to us straight.

Well, perhaps they were listening.

Today we’ve bought you a refreshingly honest interview with Square Enix about what it got wrong with MMO title Final Fantasy XIV. On top of that outgoing HMV boss Simon Fox makes a remarkable admission…

  • In a remarkably frank interview, Square Enix admits that it got it badly wrong with Final Fantasy XIV and outlines how it intends to put it all right – LINK
  • The wait is nearly over for Vita owners as Sony prepares to spill the beans about Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified at Gamescom next week – LINK
  • It’s been a rocky few weeks for BioWare and it looks as if co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka are on the verge of a controversial exit – LINK
  • Yet more honesty! Soon to depart HMV boss Simon Fox admits that HMV might not survive to see its centenary in 2021 – LINK
  • MCV speaks to EA Interactive boss Nick Earl – LINK
  • Sony admits that it’s not attracting enough third party publishers to PlayStation Vita – LINK
  • It’s not just BioWare, with signs suggesting that perhaps all is not completely rosy at BioShock Infinite dev Irrational – LINK
  • The US games market falls once again, though Xbox 360 remains unchallenged as the top dog – LINK
  • Those pesky hackers have returned, and this time they’ve targeted Blizzard’s – LINK
  • Codemasters promises to back Grid 2 with its biggest ever investment – LINK

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