IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today (August 13th 2012)

The things that get said in this office could land people in a lot of hot water. That’s why we don’t say them to other journalists.

And that, it appears, is the key mistake made by the Gearbox developer who chose to tell Eurogamer that the in-office name for an easy mode” being introduced to Borderlands 2 is ‘Girlfriend Mode’.

The debate that arose from this is multi-faceted – is Gearbox inherently sexist? Is the industry inherently sexist? Is the media at blame for blowing interview comments out of proportion? Has MCV ‘done a Gawker’, as it was put by one reader? Or is it right that devs should be held accountable for the words they use?

Either way, you’ll find it all below in our latest daily roundup:

  • Digital revenues could overtake physical revenues at EA within two to three years, Peter Moore claims – LINK
  • Gearbox utters the already infamous words ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Mode’… – LINK
  • … and then the industry goes MENTAL. Is MCV to blame? That’s a judgement you’ll have to make, but our inaugural Trending Now feature should at least give you a grounding – LINK
  • The latest Add To Your Bookmarks feature takes a look at the glorious Dead End Thrills – LINK
  • New Super Mario Bros 2 will cost 39.99 to download from Nintendo – LINK
  • We have another chat with Codemasters about new racer Grid 2 – LINK
  • Sega’s London 2012 claims the UK No.1 for the third time – LINK
  • MCV chats Call of Duty and Skylanders with Activision’s Peter Hepworth and Michael Sportouch – LINK
  • Someone else hates Zynga – LINK
  • Polytron admits that Zynga offered to port Fez to mobile – LINK
  • The Wii U apparently has its still unknown release date pushed back to another unknown date – LINK
  • You want the Steam charts? We have them – LINK
  • Greg Zuschuk hasn’t left BioWare. But changes are indeed afoot – LINK
  • Nintendo tries its hardest to love the internet – LINK
  • Bond and Batman are named as the inspirations behind next year’s Tomb Raider reboot – LINK

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