IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today? (August 20th 2012)

It’s out with the OnLive and in with the GoneLive. Sort of.

OnLive went out of business over the weekend. Well, by out of business we mean it sold all of its assets to a new buyer dropping half its staff but maintaining its services.

But either way you look at it, OnLive became the first casualty of the new cloud gaming push. Yet it survives and could yet still prosper. Only time will tell if the new plan will work out.

Elsewhere there’s chart success for Square Enix, sales struggles for Vita and a picture of a bottom.

Here you go:


  • The company can deny it all it likes – the vultures are encircling OnLive as the media scraps for the truth behind the company’s failure – LINK
  • The closure and immediate rebirth of OnLive goes official – LINK
  • Internal comments from Steve Perlman suggest that OnLive only had 1,00 users prior to its collapse – LINK
  • Lauder Partners is named as the new owner of OnLive as it speaks of ‘non-hired’ (read FIRED) staff – LINK

The rest:

  • The most honest headline we’ve ever run? Who cares – there’s three new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V OGM!!!!1!1!!!!11 – LINK
  • Konami’s PES 2013 will boast a terrific 150 licenced clubs, though only one from the Premier League – LINK
  • Vita had a terrific Gamescom, but it’s back to the doom and gloom this week as disappointing sales numbers are revealed – LINK
  • The wonderful Fluid Football from AppyNation is MCV’s Game of the Day – LINK
  • Simon Maxwell is leaving Future to join those plucky Eurogamer fellows – LINK
  • We take a look at how sales of New Super Mario Bros 2 compare to those of its predecessor – LINK
  • Alan Duncan is now a lettings agent – LINK
  • Digital sales for New Super Mario Bros 2 account for five per cent of the game’s total – LINK
  • Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs beats New Super Mario Bros 2 to the top of the UK Charts – LINK
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 looks like it is coming to Wii U after all – LINK
  • Valve’s making a movie about DOTA 2 – LINK
  • IGN president Roy Bahat vacates his position – LINK

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