Host of titles renamed to include trademark-infringing â??Edgeâ?? moniker in show of unity

iPhone devs hit out at Langdell

A number of iPhone developers have teamed up to give a metaphorical middle finger to trademark ‘hunter’ and current games industry hate figure Tim Langdell by changing the name of their upcoming titles to incorporate the word ‘edge’.

Langdell (pictured) was involved in a long-running dispute with Mobigame over their popular iPhone title Edge, with the outspoken figure claiming ownership of the word ‘edge’. Critics have since been quick to round on Langdell whose own company, Edge Games, has not released a title since the mid ‘90s.

As well as forcing a legal stalemate with EA over its 2008 console hit Mirror’s Edge, Langdell was recently successful in petitioning Apple to force developer PuzzleKings to remove its racing title Killer Edge Racing from the App Store.

However, it has emerged that six upcoming titles will see their names changed in a move designed specifically to infuriate Langdell.

Developer Polytron said of its decision to change the name of its own title Fez to Fedge: “To better represent the edgy nature and aesthetic the game, and edges of squares and cubes, Polytron is proud to announce the name change from Fez to FEDGE!

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