Irish Culture Minister lauds potential of national games industry financial aid

Ireland considering development tax relief

The Irish Government appears to be seriously considering the implementation of tax breaks for its national games development industry.

Irish Culture Minister Jimmy Deenihan spoke of the sector as “an enormous global industry with great potential and benefit for job creation” during discussions in the Oireachtas, the Irish National Parliament.

After the stalling of progress in a campaign for similar legislation in the UK, the conversation at the highest levels of Irish Government has attracted some attention back in Britain.

“The Irish Government could be the next in a growing list of Governments around the world supporting the video games industry through a tax relief. This news should encourage the UK Coalition Government to review the case for a tax break for the UK games industry,” said Tiga CEO Richard Wilson.

“The video game development sector provides high skilled employment in a high technology, export oriented industry.

“Tiga will continue to advance the case for a tax break for games production to ensure that the UK remains a leading player in video game development.”

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