Japanese PS4 and Vita sales rise as KanColle Kai, Attack on Titan and Street Fighter launch

This week’s Japanese charts – provided by Famitsu – feature a wealth of brand new releases.

The best-performing of these titles is Kadokawa’s Vita title KanColle Kai, which sold 137,201 units during the week.

Meanwhile, Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan game takes second, third and eighth places. The PS4 SKU was the best-selling, shifting 57,650 units. The Vita version shifted 51,164 units, while the PS3 edition saw 26,005 units sold.

Street Fighter V debuts in fourth place, selling 46,836 units, while the Mario and Sonic Olympic tie-in game goes straight to fifth position.

They are ahead of Square Enix’s Project Setsuna, with the PS4 and Vita editions shifting 32,557 and 26,266 units respectively.

All of these are ahead of last week’s No.1, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final, which falls to ninth place shifting 18,221 units.

The launch of KanColle Kai, Attack on Titan, Street Fighter V and Project Setsuna helped PlayStation hardware. PS4 sales increased 8.5 per cent, while Vita hardware sales lifted 26 per cent.

Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics also helped Wii U sales. Nintendo’s console saw a 32.7 per cent jump in sales.

Here is the software Top Ten for the week ending February 21st:

1. KanColle Kai (Games) Vita – 137,201 (New)
2. Attack on Titan (Koei Tecmo) PS4 – 57,650 (New)
3. Attack on Titan (Koei Tecmo) Vita – 51,164 (New)
4. Street Fighter V (Capcom) PS4 – 46,836 (New)
5. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Nintendo) 3DS – 44,024 (New)
6. Project Setsuna (Square Enix) PS4 – 32,557 (New)
7. Project Setsuna (Square Enix) Vita – 26,266 (New)
8. Attack on Titan (Koei Tecmo) PS3 – 26,005 (New)
9. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final (Atlus) 3DS – 18,221
10. Dragon Quest Builders: Alefgard wo Fukkatsu Seyo (Square Enix) Vita – 12,113

And here are the hardware numbers:

1. PS4 – 27,130
2. PS Vita – 21,808
3. New Nintendo 3DS LL – 13,019
4. Wii U – 4,186
5. New Nintendo 3DS – 3,985
6. Nintendo 3DS – 1,397
7. PS3 – 1,323
8. PS VitaTV – 367
9. Nintendo 3DS LL – 215
10. Xbox One – 93

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