Lew and Karn's Digital Entertainment Software's Top Secret latest game art revealed

JournoDevSwap: Just Like Life’s spaceship leaked

[For their third challenge, our developer-cum-journalists were tasked with uncovering a news scoop from the game jam – You can find all the JournoDevSwap articles here.]

Exciting new artwork has been leaked onto the internet for forthcoming JournoDevSwap game Just Like Life.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Lewie Procter is CEO of the team as well as creative director and designer on the project and only this morning has also stepped in to produce the 2D art as a result of impatience with the original contractors.

“[I’m talented enough to do the pictures as well as come up with the idea],” he intimated before leaving the room without locking his laptop.

Furthermore he said something that equated to: “[I’ve put our company logo on the spaceship ‘n all, innit].”

The company logo is a green pentagram representing both evil and the environment. “Just like Real Life” explains Karn Bianco, implementation officer at Lew and Karn’s Digital Entertainment Software.

Despite having already held positions at Rare and Lionhead, Karn is still only a strapping young student at games-industry-graduate-factory The University Of Derby.

The game is a pinball/twin-stick-shooter/mouse-pointer/arkanoid mash-up that redefines everything you understand about the movement of bullets. It is already creating a global buzz on twitter.

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